Analysis: Trump-Kim Meeting Only with Geopolitics and Interest


By Ying Leankong, director of

Phnom Penh: Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un’s second meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam, will not change North Korea’s national flag, but the North Korea’s new sun is likely to appear to be shining.

The historic and shared goals of the two leaders, President Donald Trump of the United States and the young president are willing to take a 48-hour train ride to Hanoi, Vietnam, based on interests, interests and interests.

Why the United States picks Vietnam?
It is no coincidence that the US chose Vietnam to host a two-day summit, which will start from February 27 to 28.

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Why is South Korea and Japan that are US’s close partners not chosen to host? But choose Vietnam as a venue for the summit? There are many reasons and benefits that the US has chosen Vietnam as a new friend as the US uses Vietnam and benefits Vietnam to hold China’s influence in the region which is the first thing. Second, the US wants to give Vietnam a stronger backing by boosting investment to Vietnam because Vietnam cannot sustain China’s influence.

Third, geopolitical politics, which is why the United States chose Vietnam because of the rapid rise of Chinese influence in the Asia-Pacific region, and, fourth, the Asia-Pacific region cannot be spoiled by China.

Therefore, the meeting between the two leaders not only dominate sVietnam, but also Vietnam will benefit billions of dollars for its economic value, and Vietnam will attract more US investment as the World Bank predicted that by 2030, Vietnam will have a big economy to become a member of the big economy of the world’s 20 richest countries.

How will North Korea change after the second meeting?
The North Korea has been benefiting from the reduction of political tensions between the two enemies, through what the United States uses as a cooperative of its South Koreans to benefit North Korea in the humanitarian sense and as well economic sense and in the sense of reducing the tension of the two brothers in the past.

So, this weekend’s second meeting is nothing more than geopolitics and interests. Is the complete destruction of nuclear weapons from North Korea really happened? Depending on your analysis, however, it is unlikely that this will happen because of the many reasons we have demonstrated through previous analytics.

The meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un in the stance of the United States is to point out that the North Korea is not the only Chinese exclusive patron. The United States can also play games on the Korean Peninsula, and the United States has friends around China like South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, as well as developed and influential nations in the region and the world.

What does China think?
Although the Chinese and American trade war has been tackling the tensions, the world has seen China really weak in the trade war and has introduced new economic policy (concessions) to the United States through its release Great money to buy American agricultural products for up to $30 billion a year from the United States.

But China will not be able to stand as a cover for the US on the Korean Peninsula. First, the North Korea’s economy is still in control under China. Second, North Korea adopts the same political ideology with the North Korea before. Third, North Korea cannot abolish the program of Rocket firearms. This is a game where China and North Korea are playing together with the United States, as young North Korean leaders cannot break nuclear weapons for sole purpose, since their grandfather has built hundreds of them for many years and it is the basis of North Korea’s power and influence. Fourth, if there is the demolition of North Korea’s nuclear weapons, North Korea will be weakened, and will not be able to negotiate with the US and benefit from the US and other countries.

So in the meetings, what is the North Korea’s stance and friendship to the US, China has already known, but China is more calm rather than talking about the meeting.

Interests and geopolitics infact, in today’s international relations, they talk about interests, but no longer about ideology. In fact, even about 50,000 US soldiers and about 250,000 Vietnamese soldiers died in the war, which started from 1962 to 1975, and the current US and Vietnam relationship is a new sweet couple, who have the sweetness and the benefits only.

So, the second meeting between Kim and Donald Trump happens to do only with political and geopolitical interests. It is a platform for the US to overtake China, and North Korea will take as many benefit as from US’s friendship, based on North Korea’s stance.
So after the two-day meeting, the hands of the two leaders will shake hands, but their feet will cling to each other. The conflicts are for only interests, ideological influences and geopolitics.


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