Cambodia Receives a New Market for Exports with Duty Free


By Siv Meng

Phnom Penh: It is a good news for Cambodia, receiving a new market for goods export with duty free in the near future, according to a senior official at the Cambodia Chamber of Commerce (CCC).

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Mr. Lim Heng, Vice President of CCC, said Cambodia will receive goods export to The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU, or EEU) in the future. “But what kind of goods and how many goods can Cambodia export? We will know in tomorrow’s workshop organized by Ministry of Commerce and Chamber of Commerce of Cambodia,” he said.

The workshop on Promotion of Preferences for Commodities obtained from EAEU will take place on March 21 with participation from Tekreth Kamrang, Secretary of State, Secretary of State, Ministry of Commerce and officials involved

Mr. Lim Heng said. “The export to the new market will start this year and it is an opportunity to have a new market that will make the economy more prosperous as we exported well. Especially the countrie allow us to export and other countries will continue to invest in Cambodia. In fact, when Cambodia received preferential trade system from the European Union, more than 400 European companies have invested in Cambodia.”

Economic researcher of the Royal Academy of Cambodia, Dr. Hong Vanna said, “In this stage, what has been given is good things for Cambodia, because our country is developing. Instead, if it is just a removal, it is a loss for Cambodia. However, if we get the duty free for export from the new market, it is better. We also have to look at the terms and conditions of what are the conditions for the Cambodian government.”

“When we receive the duty free for export from EAEU, it will be possible to replace the preferential trade system that Europe wants to withdraw from Cambodia, but if we have both, it will be better to promote our social economic development,” he added.

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