Cambodian Real Estate Team To Educate Investors on How To Purchase Homes in US


By Bee
Phnom Penh: A specialized real estate team with more than 10 years of experience in the industry will provide purchasing and leasing services to clients looking to invest in the US.

USA-based real estate firm Team Channy/Remax Top Producers will host an educational event to promote real estate investment in the US on January 13th at Sunway Hotel.
Chor, Channy, leader of Team Channy/Remax Top Producers, told that she has formed a team of experienced real estate agents to help Cambodians learn, buy, and invest in properties in the US. Furthermore, because of their broad networking, Team Channy can also provide extended services in assisting and/or referring clients to the right team or places if clients have questions regarding visas related concerns.
“I have gathered a team of six-members to help our Cambodian home buyers and those who want a home and want their children to study in the United States,” she said. “With more than 10 years of experience, I have helped many Cambodians buy homes in the US and with the formal documentation of home buying in the United States.”
The firm will advise interested investors on how to capitalize on purchasing homes in the US and even earn income by renting out the house.

“Owning a home in the US gives pride of home ownership. It is not something we all can easily obtain. As a team, we believe owning a home in the US is profitable in the meanwhile we build equity as we are living there, simultaneously. Owning a home outweighs renting. Renting is unstable. Landlords can give you notice to move out in 30 or 60 days. If you own more than one home, you can rent the other home and earn additional passive income from it. This is the main point I want to promote here in Cambodia, and I hope to reach many clients to broaden their investment ideas.”
Channy explained that even though a client may not be eligible to live in the US, the client has the right to buy property in the US. The buyer is responsible for 25 percent of the property’s value and is eligible through bank loans.

“Rest assured, my team will guide clients to the clients’ needs, point or location,” she said. “In terms of rent, we would recommend rentable areas, but if they want a location close to school, a good residential location, we will guide them as they wish,” she said.
In terms of buying real estate in the US, there are two requirements. The first is, the buyer must have a passport. And second, the buyer must have a bank account with their name and of course money in the account. But if there is no cash in the bank, it’s OK. Her team can get paperwork later. But in the event that a buyer is satisfied with a home, her team will need the paperwork.
The team will host an event to promote US investment and exposition-related investment journeys at the Sunway Hotel on the 13th of this month.
“Our plan for the event will be 30 to 50 people in attendance. Some of the participants have already registered to attend the event,” she said.

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