China-constructed hydroelectric station powers Cambodia’s development


Located in the jungles in Koh Kong province, southwestern Cambodia, the Chinese-built lower Stung Russei Chrum hydropower station has kept normal running since the outbreak of COVID-19, powering this Southeast Asian nation to brave uncertainties brought by the pandemic.

With a total installed capacity of 338 megawatts and a designed annual output of 1.2 billion kilowatt-hours, the hydroelectric station, built by giant power company China Huadian Corporation LTD, has generated more than 6.2 billion kilowatt-hours since 2013.

“We have applied effective measures to prevent COVID-19 and mobilized much needed resources to ensure the operation,” You Yuansheng, deputy general manager of China Huadian Lower Stung Russei Chrum Hydroelectric Project (Cambodia) Company Limited, told Xinhua in a recent interview.

“The safety of our staff is the precondition of normal operation. Strict measures have been adopted in our company, including thorough sanitation of vehicles, offices, and dormitories, frequent temperature tests, and mask-wearing requirements, among others,” he said.

The lower Stung Russei Chrum hydroelectric station comprises two dams, with the upper having a height of 125 meters.

Luo Jianhua, deputy director of the production technology department at the station said “ “Rainy season is the best time for hydropower station to generate electricity. We must keep our equipment in good condition and prepare for it.”

“In the rainy season, flood prevention and generating electricity are our priorities,” he said. “We have made a detailed plan to make sure that our station will run safely at full capacity to provide reliable power for the socio-economic development of Cambodia.”
Xinhua News


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