China To Help Prepare Monorail System in Cambodia


By Vutha

Phnom Penh: China agreed to study about the modern Monorail system development in Cambodia to alleviate the traffic congestion in Phnom Penh.

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Sun Chanthol, minister of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport in a talk with Zhou Keqin, Vice President of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Party of the Municipal Committee of Chongqing on March 25, asking for cooperation between Cambodia and Chongqing City in the development of logistics and infrastructure, in particular, the ability of developing the modern Monorail development system in Cambodia and strengthening Cambodia’s human capacity.

Sun Chanthol also discussed the southern corridor connection between China, Chongqing, Singapore, Vietnam and Cambodia to strengthen friendly and cooperative relations in trade, investment and trade between Cambodia, China, and the region.

Mr. Zhou agreed with the senior minister’s proposal on cooperation between Chongqing and the Ministry of Public Works and Transport in planning to develop the modern Monorail development system in Cambodia to reduce the traffic congestion in Phnom Penh and to study the possibility of strengthening and expanding logistics relationship between the two countries and Mr. Zhou pledged to organize a delegation of Chongqing Municipal Transport Bureau and Logistics Group to pay a courtesy visit to Cambodia in the near future.

Mr. Zhou also agreed with Mr. Chanthol’s proposal on the cooperation of building and strengthening the ministry’s officials’ capacity, pledging to review the possibility of providing professional trainers to Cambodia from Chongqing and prepare short trainings for the experience and opportunity exchange, and as well as provide scholarship for Cambodian students with bachelor degree to strengthen Chongqing City and Cambodia.

The senior minister Mr. Chanthol expressed appreciation and thanks to the willing and stance on the strengthening friendly tie and cooperation between Cambodia and China, especially between Chongqing and the ministry, hoping that the relationship and cooperation will contribute the growth to the infrastructure development in Cambodia.

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