Dara Sakor Airport to be operational in June while currently testing


By: Kong Soriya
Phnom Penh: Dara Sakor International Airport, Koh Kong Province, is scheduled to be operational in June, while currently testing equipment to ensure that it operates well and smoothly.
Mr. Sin Chan Sereyvutha, Spokesman and Secretary of State for Civil Aviation, said this morning that after the completion of construction in December 2020, the company is now in the process of applying for a certificate from the Ministry involved to launch operation to allow the aircraft to land.
“Currently, Civil Aviation is reviewing the certification, which will take six months to ensure that the company has successfully tested the equipment and tool and then issue a certificate for the operation of the airport,” he said. “Therefore, according to the schedule, the flight will be able to start in June.”
Mr. Sin Chan Sereyvutha confirmed that, in fact, the construction of this airport has been completed, but must be tested and the application for the certificate takes 6 months from the construction. He added that the normal test is to take the aircraft to test, the equipment to test and test tool that is equipped with the aircraft.
Dara Sakor International Airport, valued at about $350 million, was developed by the Chinese firm Tianjin Union Development Group (UDG), which has received an economic concession from the Cambodian government to build an airport and develop other areas in Botum Sakor district, Koh Kong province, near the Gulf of Thailand.

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