Demand for tourism land surges despite Covid-19


By: Mr. Bee
Phnom Penh: Demand for tourism-type real estate in potential tourism provinces is currently on the rise, prompting some investors to start moving to develop resorts with land subdivision projects for the construction of leisure homes.
Mam Sereypanha, president of Easy Property Investment, told on March 4, 2021 that the demand for tourism land in potential provinces is currently on the rise as investors in these provinces are beginning to change their investment attitudes from selling large plots of land to developing resorts or resorts, with land subdivision plots for the construction of leisure homes.
He said that when buyers go to visit some tourist sites, they always have a dream to have a house and land in that area, and now they already have a house in Phnom Penh, and because of their work is stress, they went to visit the provinces; they no longer want to rent hotels and guesthouses, wanting their own land as plantations or land in tourist areas.
Consequently, many investors are now turning their investment from large-scale sales to resort development, with lots being sold at the project and buyers being able to buy the land in the project to the size they wants for building a leisure home, he added.
“Investment in this resort-type land subdivision project has seen an increase in some tourist provinces, such as Kampot, Koh Kong and Mondulkiri,” he said.
When both local and foreign investors start a resort project in a tourist province, for example in Kampot, and in Kampot, it haas mountain, water and plantation views, it will benefit the local community.
“What benefits the people is that we can help the community by creating jobs and income through mixed development in the resort project,” Mr. Sereypanha said.
Regarding the Covid-19 crisis, he said, “In the current situation, the world is facing the problem and we are also facing the same problem because of the Covid-19. I can say it has an impact, but we cannot wait and see without trying to do anything, because if we do not do anything, we will all fall.”
“So we are trying to push cash flow and we see that some investors are still working hard and buyers are still buying, which is a good opportunity to get a good price at this time,” he said.
Meanwhile, Mr. Sereypanha called on all investors not to be intimidated by current investments and to continue to develop and invest in accordance with their development plan and scheme, but to comply with government’s guidelines through the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.
Mr. Dith Channa, CEO of Lucky Realty, also said that the flow of tourists to search for real estate has increased, especially in potential tourist provinces such as Kampot, Mondulkiri and Ratanakiri.
He said investment in such a real estate type was increasing because investors could buy land in tourist areas for the construction of leisure homes as well as expect the profit in the future.

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