Gold Tower 42 encounters repetitive dark history


By Siv Meng

Is it a coincidence? Once history haunts, the Gold Tower 42 commercial and residential center has repeated dark history.

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Gold Tower42 is a multinational business center with shopping malls, offices, condominiums, hospitals and other services. However, the sale of the project has not yet been made, as the project is initially completed by the end of 2019, but construction is later than scheduled for completion this year.

The construction came to a halt during the global financial crisis of 2008, when the building was completed on the 31st floor before the building was suspended for almost a decade, but the project faces particularly the challenge of sale of condos and malls due to the recession caused by Covid-19 disease.

When completed, the Gold Tower 42 will reach a height of 192 meters and it will be the first tallest building in Phnom Penh in 2019, while the other skyscraper is not yet completed.

Kim Tae Yeon, general director of YUNWOO Cambodia, said at the launch of the building late last year that the building had cost $100 million and would cost another $ 140 million to complete the project. End of 2019 The center includes a total of 399 condo units, office buildings, and mall.

At the start of the project, YUNWOO signed an agreement with Hongtao Decoration and China-based Waiman Construction & Engineering to complete the building.

However, wishes the building and the sale process successful as planned.


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