Good News: Dara Sakor Airport to open in the third quarter of this year


By Siv Meng
Phnom Penh: While construction is actively underway, Dara Sakor Airport in Koh Kong province will be able to open in July or August after the airport has completed the procedure.
Sin Chanserey Vutha, State Secretariat of Civil Aviation spokesman, said that the international airport would be able to land Boing 757 and Boing 777 aircraft with a capacity of between 350 passengers and 400 people because it is an international 4E airport.
“Once completed, investors will need to complete a number of procedures to assess whether the airport is safe for landing, certified by the Secretariat of State for Civil Aviation and International Aviation.” Mr. Sin Chanserey Vutha said. “Will this airport attracts a lot of international airlines; it depends on the marketing of the company and the end of Covid-19.”
Cambodia Association of Travel Agents (CATA) president Chhay Sivlin said that once the airport reopened and the economy improved and passengers could travel around the world, she believed the airport would be able to attract more airlines to land as Koh Kong is the most potential province for eco-tourism.
“Normally, when investing in an airport, the company plans to attract airlines to land at its airport, because they invest something, they always make a profit,” she added.
According to senior officials investing in the airport, the airline will invest in direct flights to Paris, France and other parts of the world when the airport opens.

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