International Real Estate Companies from the US Still Looking for Profitable Investment real estate Opportunities in Cambodia


By: Ranet

Phnom Penh: Although Cambodia has been under pressure from the global crisis, well-known international real estate companies from the United States are still looking for good opportunities for investment in Cambodia that can bring more benefits than other countries in the region.

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Grace Rachny Fong, executive director of Century 21 Cambodia, said on January 6, 2021 that despite the current situation, the Cambodian real estate market continues to provide the opportunities for investment and development. Over the real estate market located in neighboring countries located in the region.

“Century21 Cambodia has been established in Cambodia for seven years, after being successfully established 50 years ago in the United States and expanding to 84 countries. 75th member. She added.

“Experience in the real estate sector as a professional company has seen that the real estate sector in Cambodia, whether now or in the next 7-10 years, Cambodia still provides a profitable opportunity to invest in the real estate market,” she said. That is developing and growing.

During 2013, the real estate sector in Cambodia, especially large-scale construction projects worth tens of millions of dollars, was still limited, but since 2018-2019, the momentum of investment and development on large projects has increased. Up sharply and remarkably. With the momentum of this growth, the family of Century21 Cambodia International Real Estate has expanded from one office to 86, with 200 to 700 full-fledged agents throughout Cambodia, and will continue to expand and expand to 3,800 to provide quality, safe and profitable services to its customers.

Ms. Grace Rachny Fong stated that for investment opportunities, there are still many opportunities from today to the future. For example, land prices in the Toul Kork area are in the range of $ 3,200-3,500 per square meter, while during 2016-2017 it was only $ 2,000 and in the next five years it will be able to evolve. Reaching a price similar to the current land in Boeung Keng 1, which is between $ 6,500-7,000 per square meter. Therefore, for those who invest in the present and expect for the future, there is still a high chance of profit.

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