Investing in land in the downtown or in the provinces is profitable, expert says


By: Raneth

Phnom Penh: The choice of buying real estate as well as land in high-profit areas remains a popular and curious topic From those who are involved in this field as well.

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Mr. Long Kimsuor, vice president of the Cambodia Valuers and Estate Agents Association and CEO of Century21 Advance Property, said by telephone this week that whether buying in downtown or in the provinces far from the city, the profit margin still remains if the buyer is smart and studies the detail in the areas and related development projects.

“I’m only talking about the land, there are buyers for investment to continue to make a profit, have chosen different locations with the expectation of being able to get profit on resale. No matter where they buy, the profit margins arestill out there, as long as they buy with consideration and judge correctly,” he said.

Mr. Kimsuor continued that some of them did not know the details of the information and development projects that stimulate the market demand and buy by surprise, buut can also get the same profit as this profit, it is a coincidence for them. In such cases, it is not always acceptable.

Mr. Kimsuor said that some people have little resources, but they decided to buy land in downtown, especially nearby active development projects, so their percentage of profit is high and fast. If they decide to sell at a bargain price and invest in another area with a clear development plan, growth of their dividends will increase more than those who have a lot of money who buy large plots of land, but in areas far from the city and do not have development projects.

He confirmed that whether in the downtown or in any province, the percentage of profit remains the same, it is important that before investing, you must study the market needs and development projects in detail so that the investment does not fail.

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