Investors with sufficient capital and long-term vision eyeing to buy land, says expert


By: Ranet
Phnom Penh: Real estate investors with some resources seek to buy low-cost land for sale next year because those with sufficient cash flow and not in debt are looking to buy land below market value for investment next year.
Mr. Sam Soknoeun, president of the Global Real Estate Association (GRA), recently said that in this circumstance there are both sellers and buyers, but at a bargain price below market.
“Normally, sellers always want a higher price, but at this stage, the price cannot be demanded as desired; the price has to be lower than the market, so there will be a buyer. Right now, no one wants to buy, but most of those who want to buy are looking at their profit opportunities in the future,” he said.
Mr. Sam Soknoeun believes that for those who have enough money, they are not afraid to spend money to buy, as long as the property is lower than the market and in a potential area because they think That the epidemic crisis will be over by the end of this year or early next year, the use of vaccines is actively giving people in the country, as well as other countries, so that after the crisis is over, the market recovers and real estate sector also recovers and prices increase automatically.

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