Kampot attracts 35 large companies investment in various sectors


Kampot: Kampot attracts 35 large companies that have been investing in various sectors, including 4 agro-industries, 5 small ports, 9 industries, tourism, 10 hotels, 1 restaurant, 3 energy and 2 special economic zones, Processing 1 seafood product.

Mr. Cheay Tay, Governor of Kampot Province, in a meeting to find out about the progress of the delegation of the Commission on Human Rights, Complaints and National Assembly Senate Relations of the National Assembly on July 30, 2020, said that Kampot has many resorts and tourist destinations rich in natural resources. Many cultural and historical sites, including 17 tourist resorts, communities and 8 tourist attractions.

“The security situation in Kampot province in the first half of 2020 has improved, and criminal activity has decreased and because Cambodia is now peaceful and politically stable, ensuring adequate legal status,” he said. “For more and more local and foreign investors to invest in this province.”

Regarding land management in Kampot province, the provincial governor said that from 2003 until now, systematic registration has been carried out in 8 municipalities and districts, equivalent to 67 communes / sangkats in 93 communes / sangkats, equal to 347 villages and 488 villages. 70%, of which 535,986 cards were systematically registered. Registration in accordance with the regulation of the Royal Government issued 48,035 cards.


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