Koh Pich ‘s development master plan on track as two more skyscrapers to appear soon


By Kong Soriya
Phnom Penh: The Koh Pich (Diamond) city has been following its master plan as construction of commercial condominiums has been on the rise and the city’s major development projects continue.

Mr. Touch Samnang, Deputy Director General of OCIC, recently said that the development of Koh Pich, which covers more than 80 hectares, is following its master plan.

“Currently, land use in the city is only 50 percent, while the construction of buildings in the city is only about 25 percent. The city is growing and following the master plan,” he said.

Currently, four major projects are under construction: The Morgan Tower, Mesong Tower, The DI RIVIERA, and the construction of a world-class business center by a Chinese company, which plans to build its 400-meter-high main building at the former night market which is moved to Chroy Changvar satellite city.

Currently, high-rise projects in the city include the Diamond Twin Tower, Casa Meridian, Prince Real Estate Group headquarters, and The Elysee project, which is also under construction.

Mr. Yin Leangkong, co-founder and CEO of Propertyarea.asia, a leading website for real estate and economic news in Cambodia, said that the favorable geographical location has made the city a “diamond” by the name of the city national and international investors always looking and wanting to come and invest because the city is surrounded by rivers, which provides a good living environment, fresh air and a place with high feng shui, according to Chinese beliefs.

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“This city and the surrounding area will be an international business center in the future and it should be a pedestrian area for tourists to visit and shop in the future,” he said.

“At least four supermarkets in the future, so if the developers of this island and the surrounding area are well organized, this area will be a vibrant shopping and entertainment venue.”

Around this area, we see many projects have been built, put into operation and ready to open soon, such as AEON Mall1, The Bridge, The Peak, Naga World 1, Naga World2, Naga World3, which is the largest recreation center in the area for the future.

Mr. Yin Leangkong said that the new birth of Koh Nora satellite city, which has been actively building infrastructure, will make Koh Pich more vibrant and develop faster in the future as the bridge connects the two cities.

This has been under construction and many other achievements are ready to appear on the city of Koh Pich.


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