LS ELECTRIC highlights smart factory technologies to ASEAN ambassadors


LS ELECTRIC has invited ambassadors from key ASEAN nations to highlight its smart factory technologies and contemplate ways to expand its businesses and engage in technological cooperation with their respective countries.
LS ELECTRIC has invited 10 ambassadors of the ASEAN Committee in Seoul (ACS) to its factory in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province, Tuesday, one of the country’s top tier smart factories, for discussions on technological and business cooperation in the ASEAN region, the company said.
ACS involves the 10 ASEAN member nations consisting of Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. The factory visit comes on the heels of a previous meeting held last month with LS Group and ASEAN ambassadors to help brainstorm ways to enhance mutual cooperation.
LS ELECTRIC Chairman Koo Ja-kyun met with the ambassadors including Thailand Ambassador Rommanee Kananurak, Singapore Ambassador Eric Teo Boon Hee and Vietnam Ambassador Vu Tung Nguyen at the Cheongju plant and introduced the G sector of the smart factory production line to the distinguished guests.
The factory’s G sector consists of fully-automated production lines for tasks such as assembling electrical power equipment through to testing and packaging. The company states it is one of the top smart factories in the country.
The company has injected over 20 billion won starting in 2011 to establish the smart factory which has become a key business model for the firm.
“After establishing the smart factory, the device wait time was cut in half, while production rose over 60 percent,” Chairman Koo said. “Energy usage was also reduced by more than 60 percent and the defect rate came out at 7 parts per million (PPM), so the smart factory has an effect of killing three birds with one stone.”
Through the integration of technology and automation, it allows mass production or multi-production but is also capable of conducting customized flexible manufacturing, the chairman said, adding that “We want the systematic revolution in smart factory technology to be expanded to ASEAN nations.”
Source: Korea Times

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