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By Ranet

Phnom Penh: Minister of Information Khieu Kanharith has expressed his support for the dissemination of information on, a leading website on the real estate sector and economic development in Cambodia.

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On the morning of March 18, 2012, with the courtesy visit of Mr. Ly Sen Leap, a consultant for the website of Property Media Co., Ltd., which manages Facebook Page, Property Area Asia, the minister of Information Praised this website that disseminates professional information and promotes positive aspects of real estate, economic growth with positive progress in the country.

“It is a good thing for the Cambodian media sector, which has a well-established media professionally and accurately covering the real estate sector and the Cambodia’s economy, which is essential for investors to analyze and do business in Cambodia,” Mr. Kanharith.

“In the past, when talking about media which focused on the economy, mostly they always put their trust in the foreign media, but now we also have a media coverage of this important sector with quality and reliability, compared to those media,” he said.

“In Cambodia’s media sector, we lack the depth of analytical information because most journalists work for 20 to 30 years and they still write ordinary news, so if is able to write a good analysis, it will be a good thing. I will check that information and if good, I will ask for cooperation,” he added.

Mr. Ly Sen Leap, a consultant for the website, told the minister about starting this site with qualified human resources, which has been disseminating the growth of the real estate sector and the expanding economic sector in Cambodia over the last two decades. Over a year of starting the site, the site has received an average of 10,000 visitors a day and has more than 170,000 likes, he added.

“The website is now available in Khmer and English, and Chinese will be available in the near future, and our dissemination is not only for local, but it will expand coverage across Asia,” he said. “We have quality partners and human resources that are contributing to the government’s promotion of positive signals to the international from Cambodia.”

Founder and director of website Mr. Yin Leang Kong said, “Based on accurate and professional information, our website has surpassed expectations and we have been influencing the sector, with many websites copying our writing styles.

He added that the website has been contributing to the promotion of the media sector in Cambodia, as well as expanding the coverage of realities in Cambodia to provide local and international investors with confidence to invest in Cambodia.

“At present, many international companies have been using our information as a basis for analyzing investment decisions as well as expanding their knowledge,” he said.

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