Mr. Sun Chanthol: 10 major infrastructure projects were built and will be built


By Kong Soriya

Senior Minister, Minister of Public Works and Transport, Sun Chanthol highlighted the major infrastructure projects that the government has built and will be built in the near future.

He said this in a meeting with development partners and relevant ministries on February 7 that the ministry had achieved major achievements such as the official launch of the Heavy Transportation Training Center, Cycling Street Check and Projects Expansion and Improvement National Road # 2, National Road 3, National Road 4, National Road Nº 5, National Route 6 from Poipet to Siem Reap National Road No. 7 Road 48.

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More specifically, the government has built a National Road No. 55 Pursat to Thmor Da, the 3rd Ring Road and the 197 kilo meters Route from Battambang to Koh Kong, which is set to open this year.

“The development of Cambodia’s infrastructure will contribute to poverty reduction and improve the livelihoods of Cambodians,” he said.

Cambodia’s Prime Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen has also recently announced plans to build roads from Battambang province’s Samlot province through Pursat to Koh Kong province, particularly as Samdech highlighted a loan project from the Chinese government to build a bridge at Thmor Bang to connect the road.

Samdech Techo highlighted, “Please people wait for this road that the government will build in the near future.”

Ministry of Public Works and Transport spokesman Sim Sorya said the construction of the road was not only for internal integration in Cambodia but also to reduce the dependence of goods flow to neighboring countries, deliverying of agricultural products from northwestern provinces to ports in Koh Kong before exporting abroad.

“The government has to spend billions of dollars to develop infrastructure, because to accelerate economic growth and Cambodia must invest in infrastructure,” he said, adding that “it has reached a new stage of the economy that has to invest in infrastructure.”


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