PM Hun Sen: China’s Economic Growth Will Accelerate After Curbing the Spread of Coronavirus


Cambodia’s Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen has expressed his hope that China’s economy will grow even stronger after the country curbs the spread of the new respiratory virus, Cover 19, or Coronavirus, which is under attack in the country.

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Samdech Hun Sen Presides Over the Graduation Ceremony of Graduates of 2018-2019, Graduates student totaling 1,977 Women, 815 Women, February 18, 2020 clarified “ Countries in the region, including Cambodia, will also benefit from economic growth through tourism, economy and trade.”

In addition, Samdech Techo expressed his congratulations to China for the treatment of Covid 19 or coronavirus through the use of anti-malarial drugs. If the drug is used, it will make a big difference in the world.

According to Samdech Techo Hun Sen, the world is affecting the economy and tourism, include Cambodia also get effected by the Coronavirus or Covid-19 which is the reason why tourists are afraid to travel now.

“Some countries are suffering from the economic crisis in Asia, as well as in Europe, because of the closure of factories in those countries for fear of an outbreak ,Corona crisis, but not Cambodia. So far, no factory has closed because of the Corona virus or Covid-19. ” He Claimed.

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