Property prices remain stable despite the disruption of Covid-19


By: Vattanak
Phnom Penh: Property prices in Cambodia are seen to remain stable in both land and housing, although in 2020 and 2021, Cambodia continue to face the disruption of Covid-19.
Mr. Lim Ratha, a real estate agent in Kampot province, said by phone this morning, March 5, that although Cambodia is facing a crisis due to Covid-19 in 2021, the price of land and housing in provinces Kampot and Kep generally do not decline, but prices remain the same. In particular, for some land that people rush to solve financial problems also sold a little below market price.
“Good, potential land is still for sale at the market price without any discount, and even at this stage, many visitors come to find land in Kampot and Kep and buy. Wealthy people have the opportunity in this stage, the opportunity to find a good land location and a lower price than the market, if the landlord encounters financial problems.”
Mr. Ngin Phirum, a real estate agent in Kep province, also said that the sale of small and large land is still active, his group received visitors to visit land for sale and decided to buy immediately, expecting to develop a project for tourism in the future, especially after the end of the Covid-19.
President of Cambodia Valuers and Estate Agents Association Mr. Chrek Soknim, said that in general real estate prices do not fall in Cambodia, but some properties are declining because property owners need to sell urgently; therefore, there was a drop in prices, but not a sharp drop.

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