Propertyarea appoints Ms. Nguon Chanchariya as its brand ambassador


By Siv Meng
Phnom Penh: and Property Area Asia Facebook Page is honored to announce the appointment of Ms. Nguon Chanchakrya, a beautiful and well-known actress, as its brand ambassador to represent this website.

The decision was made because Ms. Chakrya is working in the real estate sector and filming in her spare time. She is currently working for SIHA Group, a large Malaysian investment company that is investing in a number of projects in Cambodia.

As the brand ambassador representing, she will play the following roles:
First, to promote the reputation and name of the website to become more famous on the national and international stage
Second, she will help promote and generate revenue for the company
Third, she will receive incentive from the company

Ms. Nguon Chanchakrya expressed her happiness and pride by contributing to the growth of this leading real estate website in Cambodia, which publishes quick, reliable news, based on professional and ethics.

“I have been following this website for a long time and I see the news that this unit publishes quickly and reliably, especially providing a lot of knowledge related to the real estate sector as well as other legal knowledge,” she said. “This site is actively contributing to the dissemination of good information to provide citizens and national and international investors that take the news from the website as a basis for analysis for considering putting investment projects as well as the development of the socio-economic situation in Cambodia,” she added.

Meanwhile, Mr. Yin Leang Kong, Co-Founder and CEO of, said that, “Our team is pleased to have a beautiful star represent our brand ambassador. She will contribute and promote the prestige and value of this site further.”

“With the way forward and the growing support, the number of readers and viewers is increasing every day, making our website a platform for national media coverage for ordinary people to national and international investors.” Ms. Nguon Chanchakrya will further enhance our reputation because she is involved in real estate and the arts, which have received a lot of support in society,” he said.

Mr. Yin Leang Kong continued, “We are happy to cooperate and stand on a win-win basis to improve the telecommunications sector in Cambodia to get more support and fight against all false information.”

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