Pros and Cons of choosing a Construction company without certificate


Phnom Penh: Experts in the field of construction in Cambodia have expressed concern over the decision of some construction project owners who are still inclined to provide construction projects to contractors without certification of professional institutions facing disadvantages. More than advantages, especially related to overall construction safety.

Mr. Soeun Ratha, Director General of FDC Construction Co., Ltd, a company specializing in the study of construction components and construction consulting in Cambodia, said on the evening of July 28, 2020 that despite the promotion and encouragement from the Ministry.

However, at present, some project owners (mostly local project owners) still offer construction projects to contractors who are not certified by professional institutions on the grounds that they cost less and can be adjusted accordingly. Wanted its own, which is different from the original project layout.

“It’s a problem for them who own it in the future, especially with regard to the quality and safety of the entire building,” he said. “We recognize that handing over an unregistered construction contractor is less expensive than choosing a contractor who is registered and accredited by the ministry, but at this point the owner, The project should consider the durability and safety of their construction project.”

Most notably, projects assigned to construction contractors are residential or small or medium-sized commercial building projects that, in addition to paying less for construction costs, may not trust the cost of materials. Build and manage your own supply. On the other hand, they can also adjust the design to their liking, even if it differs from the original layout.

Mr. Soeun Ratha continued, “Delivering the project to a legitimate construction company, they have to spend a lot, but what is returned is the quality of the construction, which ensures the standard and completely in accordance with the original plan.” “Smart project owners, they hand over the entire project to a construction company, setting a specific completion date, ensuring quality with a legal contract.”


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