Real estate experts Explain the Reasons You should Buy Property in Crisis Period


Although Cambodia seems to be more calm of Covid-19, the global economic crisis has not been 100% recover. Therefore, real estate in Cambodia has not yet returned to its original, but this situation is a highly profitable investment opportunity that experts will explain why you should buying real estate now.

Real estate expert and director of Amaktak Property Service, Ms. Tang Hour, told Property Area Asia that no matter what the housing location, even the suburb or the city centre are all good opportunities. It is important that the project from well-known developer, and the authorities, especially at a good price, investors or real estate buyers should seize the opportunity.

At the same time, the director stressed that the Covid-19 situation is improving now, but the real estate sector has not returned yet, so there are many projects undergoing a much lower market discount. Not only that, payment terms are also convenient as the company encourage customers by reducing interest and payment periods.

According to a study by Philippine real estate expert Amanda Carpo, while the Covid-19 epidemic poses serious problems in the global financial market, real estate may be a good option for investors looking for Profit and avoid future risks.
She said real estate makes it easier for owners to make money, not just buy or sell. Investors can remodel or renovate for rent or in many other options.

At the same time, Cambodia is preparing the event Black Friday Property Sale, the largest real estate discount program, with many properties priced below the market. In particular, there is a collaboration of well-known real estate developers such as Urban Village, Borey VIP and The ParkWay, with to offer exceptional quality and premium properties. The event will take place on June 12, 2020 from 4pm to 8pm. In just four hours you will be able to make unprecedented profits and never miss an opportunity. To participate, please sign up for this link


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