Ream to become a civilized city in the next 4 to 5 years


By Kong Soriya
Sihanoukville: The Ream area of Sihanoukville province will be a civilized city in the next four to five years, as two large multi-billion dollar investment projects are currently under construction.

One of the most notable projects is invested by the Chinese company Canopy Sands Development, a subsidiary of the Chinese giant Prince Holding Group, on a total area of 834 hectares with an investment capital of $16 billion and the $1 billion Cristalville Ream Beach project are also under construction.
Mr. Chrek Soknim, President of Cambodia Valuers and Estate Agents Association, expressed his appreciation for the plans for the new city project worth more than tens of billions of dollars, with the disclosure of good opportunities for land investment.

He pointed out that it is good for Cambodia to receive large development projects from international companies of considerable value, which in addition to helping to develop the real estate and construction sector in Cambodia and it has also become a special boost to help to the Cambodian economy, too, and if the above projects happens, it is the best thing for Cambodia, especially Sihanoukville, which is preparing and developing into a national economic pole and a multi-purpose business center.

“Areas under development, I believe the developers have already bought before the project was announced, but it is still an opportunity for those who wish to invest in land near these development areas,” he said.
He said that in addition to the development project to establish a business center from the private sector, the government is also focusing on developing infrastructure such as roads, which is easier to travel. “In particular, those who want to invest in the land sector can also look to buy in the area near the location of those large development projects, especially in this season, because the price of land is still limited, if you wait another 2-3 years, the price can will go up and lose profit opportunities,” he added.

Mr. Kheang Phearum, spokesman for the Sihanoukville provincial administration, said recently that the establishment of the Techo Neak Reach tourist site in the Ream area was in progress, with the company now pouring soil into the sea to build the city. .
“This project is near the Kang Keng Airport in Sihanoukville, which is currently being expanded,” he said.

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