Thai high-speed rail project on Cambodia’s border to cost $ 3.2 billion


Phnom Penh: The construction of the second phase of Thailand’s high-speed rail system, which borders four provinces of Cambodia, is expected to cost $ 3.2 billion.

The project is expected to cost 101.7 billion baht ($ 3.2 billion). This is according to the publication of the Asia News Network on July 27, 2020.

The 190-kilometer railway extension from Rakhine-Chanthaburi-Trat will operate near the Cambodian border. Chanthaburi borders Cambodia’s Battambang and Pailin provinces, while Trat borders Pailin, Battambang, Pursat and Koh Kong provinces.

Thai State Railway Department (SRT) has hired consultants to conduct a feasibility study on plans for the construction of the second phase of a high-speed rail system connecting three international airports in Thailand. This is according to SRT Special Project Manager Sucheep Sooksawang.

He said that the second phase of the project covers the expansion of the 190-kilometer Rayong-Chanthaburi-Trat railway.

The study will be completed next month and sent to the cabinet next year. SRT will then prepare a private public investment plan in 2022 before requesting a builder bid in 2024.

The first option is for private companies to invest in the construction of the railway system, operation and maintenance, while SRT will address the land issue.

Alternatively, a private company will invest in the railway system, operating and maintaining the train, while SRT handles the land and is responsible for construction.

Option 3 The private company will be responsible for the operation and maintenance.


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