The Construction of 34 Roads in Sihanoukville has the unexpected fastest progress


A senior official of the Royal Government confirmed that construction of the 34-lane Road in Sihanoukville had the highest levels of work and speed that you would not expect and could fulfill the plan ahead.

Mong Rithy, CEO of Mong Reththy Group, at the ceremony, accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Chea Sophara, Minister of Land Management, Urbanization and Construction, HE Kouch Chomreoun Governor of Preah Sihanouk province and other officials visited the construction of road infrastructure in Preah Sihanouk city. They also inspected the construction of 34 roads in Sihanoukville over the weekend. The construction of the 34-lane road in Sihanoukville is extremely fast .

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Mong Rithy said on Saturday, February 15, 2020, “I would like to highly value the speed of work Beyond your wildest guess.”

Chea Sophara, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction, and Chairman of the National Committee for Coastal Management and Development of the coastal area of Cambodia, led officials to inspect the construction of 34 roads in Sihanoukville, Preah Sihanouk province, to speed up construction.

To meet the 8-month plan and implement technical standards Services that can ensure a quality fit for use over a longer period.

The Government has constructed 34 roads in Sihanoukville in order to respond to the situation of development in Sihanoukville, specifically to turn Sihanoukville into a modern, environmentally friendly city for tourists and Also business.

Deputy Prime Minister Chea Sophara said “The 34 roads in Sihanoukville that are under construction are totaling more than 84 kilometers with three loops and 252 meters of six bridges. These roads will only take about eight months to build, so Sihanoukville will soon be transformed into a safer city and attract more tourists and investors.”

“In addition, the goal is to transform Sihanoukville into a modern, environmentally friendly city for tourism and business, especially for ensuring high quality, durable, sustainable, 34-lane construction within the budget framework. From the exchange of resources in Sihanoukville and the government budget of more than $ 300 million US,” He continued.

The 34 lanes under construction in Sihanoukville are in charge of the National Committee for Coastal Management and Development, which was inaugurated by Samdech Hun Sen, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia. November 16, 2019.

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