The Government To Disburse $5 Million to Encourage Entrepreneurship


By Siv Meng

Phnom Penh: The government announced to disburse $5 million to encourage new entrepreneurs through Entrepreneurship Fund to enhance their business capacity.
Prime Minister Hun Sen said at the Public and Private Forum on this Thursday that the government will disburse $5 million fund to encourage new entrepreneurs such as the small and medium enterprises (SMEs), but Prime Minister warned that if the owners of SMEs are not registered, they will not receive the fund and encouragement.

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“The encouragement for the new businesses or entrepreneurs to let them have opportunities to grow and start their businesses,” Prime Minister said.

Nget Chou, an economist at Emerging Market Consulting, said recently that he is satisfied to cooperate with the government to provide trainings for free for the young entrepreneurs. The new Entrepreneurship Fund is very vital to make them start their business successfully, he added.

“This Entrepreneurship Fund is a place where to enable and train new entrepreneurs to start doing their business. Meanwhile, the government should have experts participate in researching new business ideas to make their business successful because most businesses in Cambodia follow each other,” he added.

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