Thousands of People To Move to Live in Tbong Khmum in Next 3-5 Years


By Ranet

The Tbong Khmum governor said, expressing optimism that over the next 3 to 5 years, that there will be thousands of people living in Tbong Khmum city, as many companies are entering this province.

Cheam Chansophorn, the governor of Tbong Khmum province, recently said that there are between 30 and 40 companies coming to invest in the new province, most of which are the land subdivision companies and some are building Borey (gated communities) which are also an important part of developing and attracting more attention from people. He added that the provincial authority has been also preparing the infrastructure systems such as public roads and public buildings in the province to enhance the beauty of the city and as well as the whole province to attract more tourists and citizens come to live in this province.

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Dr. Beng Hong Socheatkhemro, Director General for the Housing Department of the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction, said that the capital is special and in the future the city will have more people because the city will be associated with Suong city and Ponhea Krek Town. He added the city’s infrastructure is specially prepared with deviding between sewage water and rainwater separately.

“The province will be a zone for the agro-industry because the province is a potentially important region for agro-industrial crops, so it will be the center for the northeast. In the future, the province will have a train line from China through the One Belt One Road project,” he said.

Soeun Chanthon, director of sales of Land Subdivision Anachark Rong Reoung Project, said that, with the busyness of the provincial authority, they have been working to prepare infrastructure all day and night, such as the construction of the Cambodia-China Tbong Khmum Friendship Hospital and High School in the province to promote the beauty and convenience of public services as the property sector in the area has seen asignificant progress as well.

In the short term of early 2019, the land subdivision project of Anachark Rong Reoung was sold out 100 percent in the first project and also sold well in the second project, and the company has been running the third project, of which 60 percent of the project were sold out.

“I believe that sooner the fourth project of Anachark Rong Reoung will begin selling operation while the company is filling land in the project with a 16-meter-wide main road along with a 14-meter sub road. With the construction of drainage networks, water networks and electricity grids, prices range from $4,300 to $9,500 per plot,” he said.

Mr. Soeun Chanthon expressed his confidence that, by 2022, the real estate sector in Tbong Khmum will increase to triple times after the construction of the Cambodia-China Tbong Khmum Friendship Hospital, and the construction of High School are finished and officially launched.


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