U.S. Provides Approximately US$56 Million in Grant to Support Cambodia


The US government will provide approximately $ 56 million in grants to Cambodia, focusing on four sector of development in Cambodia.

Of that amount, $ 38 million for health and education, $ 18 million for agriculture and the environment, carried out by various implementing agencies in Cambodia.

The Royal Government of Cambodia, through the Council for the Development of Cambodia and the United States Government through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), on June 25, 2020 signed the Amendment Agreement on Development Cooperation Financing for 2019.

Deputy Minister for Special Mission and Vice President of the Council for Development of the Kingdom, Jin Bun Sean said the continuation of bilateral development cooperation was a key pillar in promoting and strengthening cooperation and partnership between the two countries.

Patrick W.Murphy, US Ambassador to Cambodia, said the US Government is committed to continuing its support for the Cambodian people in achieving a sustainable, inclusive and equitable economic, economic and social development.
Through cooperation with the Ministry of Health, this support will continue to contribute to reducing maternal and child mortality under the age of five, as well as support programs to reduce children’s strokes and anemia. Women will reduce the prevalence of HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in Cambodia.

In terms of education, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and USAID will continue to support efforts to improve children’s reading ability, reduce high school dropout rates, and equip Cambodians to move forward. Into the labor market. For the partnership, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and USAID will support programs to reduce poverty, promote essential seed production and nutrition in rural communities.

In addition, in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment, this agreement will also support environmental programs to reduce the vulnerability of people as well as climate-affected areas and help Cambodia achieve its commitment. Its international framework for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, especially caused by deforestation.

Since March 2016, including the agreement signed today, the US has provided a total of $ 253 million in grants to support the four priority sectors. This support has responded well to the priority of the Royal Government of Cambodia.

In addition, the US Government has provided support to civil society organizations focused on human rights, anti-trafficking, and accountability and transparency in Cambodia. These efforts complement the work with the Royal Government in supporting sustainable and inclusive development in Cambodia.


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