Vacation home projects to become more attractive


By: Ratanak
Phnom Penh: Vacation or leisure house projects have taken places more and more as stakeholders claim that if Covid-19 contained, customers will be more and more interested in buying them.
Mr. Hin Socheat, head of business development at A2A Town Cambodia, which is investing in the V Kirirum resort, told on April 9 that while plots of land for houses, flats and towns were growing in the city, vacation home projects have also been ongoing in major provinces such as Kampot, Kampong Som, Siem Reap, Koh Kong.
“What is remarkable is that most of the clients are able to work peacefully and now is the time during the pandemic is spreading; most people prefer to work where is quiet,” he said.
According to Mr. Hin Socheat, if Covid-19 is under control and more and more customers turn their attention to the vacation home project, because now some customers also save money for other purposes rather than buying land and buying a house.
At the same time, Mr. Kheang Puthy, chairman of the Association of Cambodian Real Estate Professionals, said that the project near the mountain, next to the sea or vacation home projects, the project owners must consider the infrastructure, sewer system, purification system, etc. Because there is no clear system, customers will be difficult in the future, and another problem is the government to solve for the people from the project owner.

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